14 March 2009

Right-Wing Indian Blogs

Here are some right-wing Indian blogs I have come across:

1. Offstumped by Yossarin
2. Seriously Sandeep by Sandeep
3. Satyameva Jayate by Shantanu Bhagwat
4. Varnam by Jayakrishnan Nair

Right-wing = Hindu/nationalist/conservative


Anonymous said...

There is an Indian blog called "dharmaveer" which is not really right wing, but is focussed on Islamic theology. The writer seems to be some kind of religious theologian. Well worth a look. I have learnt a few things about Islam and its history in India from there.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dheeraj,

I am the same person who posted about dharmaveer-ji's blog. There are two other blogs I have found:

monologues of a nomad

All 3 are excellent, and have different focus areas. I think putting all these blogs under one umbrella, to explore in depth all the issues facing the Nationalist movement, would be a good idea.

Anonymous said...

Same person as above...

I am also swayamsevak btw. I will probably meet you when I visit Karnataka this year. Jai Hind.

Indian said...

Thank you! Indian Realist will be in my next list :-)

Anonymous said...

I just checked out the alexa ranks of these blogs - Dharmaveer is the highest, but is more of a counter-Jihadi blog and hardline nationalist who says "Islam is an ideology that is inconsistent with civilization". Fair point, and some may agree, others disagree.

I personally like Monologues a lot - check it out. It is by a SS from Kerala and packs a lot of clear punch in as few words as possible. Great pictures, and very spicy commentary.

There is another blog which can't be slotted anywhere clearly. It is "bengal under attack". The author puts few entries, but those are long and well researched. I wish he would update more often, but he does a great job when he does.

It is good to see so many aspects of the Hindu viewpoint on the web. Dharmaveer focusses on historical Islamic atrocities and the theology behind them (which is well hidden by our historians). You, and monologues give a Sangh ideology. Bengal under attack and Indian realist research topical issues. I think we need all these (and more!).

I won't be posting comments here anymore (didn't feel like they were much appreciated). Great job here Dheeraj-ji, and keep it up please.

Jai Hind

Indian said...

didn't feel like they were much appreciated

Nothing could be further from the truth! I am sorry if I have conveyed that impression. I am not very verbose by nature. All comments are appreciated - especially well-informed ones! :-)

Anonymous said...

OK Ji, then I will continue to post comments :-)

'Monologues of nomad' has a misspelt URL. It is:

The content there is great (In my subjective opinion). And in any case, the voice of any SS from Kerala is worth listening to respectfully because of the dangers the Kerala SS faces. Please also take a look at haindavakeralam.org, which is run by dedicated Hindus from Kerala.

Jai Hind, and Jai Dharma, and
long live Jayakrishnan Master.

Anonymous said...


Take a look at this - this is the type of thing we Hindus really ought to know IMO. I was not aware till I read this blog that 3 out of 4 schools of Sunni Islam don't give right to life to Hindus!

How the heck are we going to co-habit with these people?

Anonymous said...

there is a website which supports right wing called "centre right india" at http://centreright.in/ and a blog post "the prudent indian" at http://theprudentindian.wordpress.com/

Dr Birendra Prasad Yadav said...

Nice Post..