18 March 2009

Charlie Chaplin Statue Illegal

Over the past few days, the media has been crying itself hoarse over "Hindu extremists" blocking the erection of a Charlie Chaplin statue near Udupi.

Turns out the statue is illegal.

The New Indian Express, in a report titled 'Proposed Chaplin statue flouts CRZ norms', says:
The organisers of the film, House Full, had neither applied for the licence from local gram panchayat nor moved papers to obtain a no-objection certificate (NOC) from the department of Coastal Regulatory Zone... any permanent construction within 500 metres from the seashore amounts to violation of the CRZ norms.

Then what's the fuss all about? Storm in a teacup. Much ado over nothing. The whole thing is a non-issue. Go home and sleep, everybody.

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victimofprejudice said...


Very well said. This is all part of grand missionary scheme of delinking India from it's culture and ethos. Welcome to my blog when you get a chance. Me too a kannadiga in Houston, having had a personal brush with Racism.