28 March 2009

Pratijna - The RSS Oath

This is the oath (pratijna) given in the RSS to active workers:

In the name of Almighty God and our ancestors, I hereby vow that I have become a unit of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh in order to protect our sacred Hindu Dharma, Hindu culture and Hindu society and to achieve the all-round development of the Hindu nation. I will do the Sangh's work sincerely with a selfless mind and with all my body, heart and wealth. I will observe this vow all my life.

Bharat Mata ki jai.


Anonymous said...

This is the noblest work. I am from a military background, and I say that Sangh and Military are the only 2 institutions in India I respect. All others are bastards.

Anonymous said...

I am with the previous poster - I would like to add that the biggest of these bastards is called the Congress party. Most unscrupulous bastards. As if proof were required, a known traitor and criminal like Mohd. Azharuddin is being put up as a congress candidate.

Anonymous said...

I am asking you then why you are keeping silent when Congress has nominated two known killers of Sikhs, who we regard as part of our Hindu civilization, and our brothers.

Please please please. RSS issue statement condemning congress and opposing sajjan and co. Can you do this Dheeraj??

Sikh community needs RSS to stand by them, just like we stood by them in 1984 riots.

Yeh saale congress ke harami desh ko bech rahein hain.

Indian said...

Yes, it is a shame that Jagdish Tytler and Sajjan Kumar have been given tickets. But we must remember that the RSS is not a political organisation. It cannot issue statements on day-to-day political developments. That is the BJP's job.