07 November 2014

Life, Love, Duty, Society, Country


# There is Absolute Truth and there are relative truths. And the greatest relative truth is India.

# Love is the greatest force in the world. And love of one's country is the greatest love in the world.

# What can be more natural than the love of one's land, its people and their culture?

# If there is any cause in this world worth living for, fighting for and dying for – it is India.

# The 3 greatest blessings in the world:
1. To be born in India
2. To live in India
3. To work for India


# Life is war. The world is a battlefield. And we are all soldiers.

# Life is a war. Every day is a battle. Give every day/battle your 100%.

# Life|War = 1/3 Preparing + 1/3 Fighting + 1/3 Waiting. The last is the toughest.

# A man's life must be judged by how much it increases the order of the System (ie, society).


# Dharma is the highest Purushartha. And Rashtra Dharma is the highest Dharma.

# Great nations are not built by people who seek their own happiness. They are built by sacrifice.

# A patriot's life is dedicated 100% to his country. There is no 'balance' in his life. 'Balance' is for vegetable sellers, not patriots.

# The lofty ideals of country/nation/Motherland and duty/service/sacrifice can only be achieved through the mundane thing called SYSTEM – ie, getting into the right system and working in it.


# What is love? It is surrender. It is submission. It is sacrifice. To an ideal greater than our petty individual selves.

# Romantic love, or male-female attraction, is a chemical reaction inside the brain. It is a program written by evolution to ensure the survival of the species.

# Most people don't know the meaning of love. They equate love with sexual attraction. True love is dedication to a great ideal.

# The concept of love has been hijacked by the entertainment industry, which has reduced it to sexual attraction. Patriots must take it back and make it their own.

# All love is good. But all love is not the same. There is the lower/ordinary love (family/friends) and the higher/great love (country/society).


# Society/civilisation is the constant struggle of Order against Chaos.

# First law of thermodynamics says that energy cannot be created – it can only be converted from one form to another. Brahmacharya transforms sexual energy into social energy.

# Second law of thermodynamics says that a system's order can be increased only by supplying energy. For the system called society, where must this extra energy come from? It comes from Brahmacharya.