30 June 2013

Revolution/Reform in India

Revolution = rapid change (Latin volvere = 'roll')
Reform = gradual change (Latin forma = 'mould')

In every country gradual change is the norm, and rapid change is the exception. That is – reform is the norm, and revolution is the exception.

India is the world's oldest civilisation (5000 years old). Inertia is proportional to age. So India's inertia is very high. Here no change is the norm, gradual change is the exception, and rapid change is impossible. That is – reform is the exception, and revolution is impossible. The only revolution possible in India is reform. In India, reform itself is a revolution.

* Every revolution begins with one man.

* A revolution is not an event. It is a process.

* The most successful revolution is an invisible revolution.

* The best place and time for a revolution is always here and now.

* Every revolutionary is a wannabe dictator. Every dictator is a former revolutionary.