23 April 2018

Law & Order Vs Subsidies

How do we achieve a state of zero rapes? Keeping people safe is the job of the law & order system. And what is the state of our law & order system? Forget high-level things like technology; the most basic thing is manpower. India's police force has only 130 cops per lakh people. The international standard is 200 cops per lakh people. This means our police force is under-manned by 35% - around 10 lakh cops. How can such a weak system do anything at all? The obvious solution is to recruit these 10 lakh cops. But we don't have any money to pay their salaries. Why? Because we are spending 1.5% of our GDP (₹ 2.5 lakh crores) on wasteful subsidies.

We are happily spending lakhs of crores on wasteful subsidies. So obviously we don't have any money for basics like law & order. Want zero rapes? Begin with zero subsidies. Because the path to zero rapes begins with zero subsidies.

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