14 April 2018

Ambedkar, Hinduism, Buddhism

Liberals have falsely projected Ambedkar as anti-Hindu. The truth is he was a staunch nationalist.

Myth #1: Ambedkar converted from Hinduism to Buddhism.
Truth: Hinduism is not a religion - it is a way of life. So the question of converting out of Hinduism does not arise. Ambedkar rejected the orthodox Hindu/Indian religions (Shaivism, Vaishnavism, Shaktism) and embraced a heterodox Hindu/Indian religion (Buddhism).

Myth #2: Ambedkar hated Hinduism.
Truth: Ambedkar did not hate Hinduism. He only hated casteism and untouchability. And these were corruptions which had crept into Hinduism under Turkish/Mughal/British rule. If Ambedkar hated Hinduism, he would have converted to a non-Hindu/Indian religion (Christianity).

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