27 April 2018

Hatred Of Hinduism (HoH)

When the British conquered India, they were intelligent enough to figure out a few things:
1. India is the world's oldest and greatest civilisation.
2. It has a way of life called Hinduism - which is its foundation.
3. The only way for them to rule India was to weaken it first.
4. And the best way to weaken India is to attack its foundation - ie, Hinduism.

So the British created a virus called hatred of Hinduism (HoH) and injected it into Indian society. They did this mainly through their education system. And they did it mainly to the Indian upper class.

The British drilled the following program into the brains of upper-class Indians (through their education system) for 200 years:
1a. Western civilisation is the richest and most powerful civilisation in the world.
1b. The foundation of Western civilisation is Christianity.
1c. So the root cause of the West's wealth and power is Christianity.
1d. So Christianity is progressive, enlightened and forward-looking.
2a. India has been a slave nation for 1000 years.
2b. The foundation of Indian civilisation is Hinduism.
2c. So the root cause of India's poverty and weakness is Hinduism.
2d. So Hinduism is backward, primitive and regressive.
3. Thus there is only one hope for India: to erase Hinduism and become a duplicate of the West.

And upper-class Indians absorbed this program completely . . .

The British left in 1947. But the virus they created continued to thrive - under the names of 'liberalism' and 'secularism' . . .

* * *
Four types of people hate Hinduism:
1. Liberals/secularists
2. Communists
3. Islamic fundamentalists
4. Christian fundamentalists

But there is one small distinction among them. #2, #3 and #4 each have their ideology - and hatred of Hinduism is a part of that ideology. But for #1, hatred of Hinduism is itself their ideology.

PS: Was the British propaganda against Hinduism correct? Yes, it is true that India was a slave nation for 1000 years. But India is a 5000-year-old civilisation - and for the first 4000 years of her history, she was the richest and most powerful civilisation in the world. India's empires (Maurya, Gupta, Chalukya, Rashtrakuta, Chola, Vijayanagara) were the richest and most powerful empires in the world. And the root cause of this wealth and power was Hinduism. But nothing lasts forever. So after 4000 years of wealth and power, Hinduism developed some weaknesses. As a result, India was conquered by foreign invaders and became a slave nation.

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