25 October 2007


Continuing from where I left off...

Nobody ever changed the world just by reading books.
The amount of knowledge needed to change the world is very little.
Knowledge is not an end in itself; it is the means to an end. And the end is action. Knowledge finds its fulfillment in action.

Which of these images, in your opinion, better captures the relationship between man and his life/world?
a) A rock in a lake
b) A raft on a river (a whitewater rapid)
What is your own expectation from life? What is your view of 'the perfect life'?
Life is not static; it is dynamic. Life is flux.

At any point of time, you either have problems or you don't. If you don't have any problems then be happy. If you have problems, then be happy that life is happening to you. Because this is what life is about - problems. Either way, you are always happy.
Right here, right now, life is perfect - and I am happy.

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