21 September 2007

Hindu Rashtra - 5

Why India Is A Hindu Rashtra


"Why make such a fuss over this issue? Why not just maintain a polite silence? All this talk of Hindu rashtra may offend some people. Why is it so important that we openly proclaim this truth?" Because identity matters. It is important to know who we are and where we come from. Every individual is special. Who you are is your unique gift to society. What is true for individuals is also true for civilisations. Every civilisation has something to give to the world - which it can give only if it knows its true nature. A civilisation that loses its sense of identity is of no use to the world.

Yes, we should be welcoming and hospitable to others. But you can be welcoming and hospitable only if you have a house of your own. Identity is that house. Gandhiji said, "Keep your doors and windows open. Let the winds come in from all over the world. But do not be blown off your feet." Note that he said, "Keep your doors and windows open". He did not say, "Break your walls down". Just as we need four walls and a roof to protect us from heat, cold and rain, we need an identity to survive in the real world, in the world of culture and politics.

"Who am I?" is the most fundamental question a human being faces. Our civilisation gives us the answer to this question at two levels: the ultimate and the immediate. The answer at the ultimate level is "I am Brahman". And the answer at the immediate level is "I am a Hindu".



METRO said...

Nice well thought out arguments, Soma..

I will keep coming to this blog.
Keep updating it...

Psomax said...

Thank you sir! I will try my best :-)

Psomax said...

Btw, there is nothing original about these arguments. I have only repeated what Dr Hedgewar and Guruji Golwalkar said. And they were rewarded for their efforts with labels like "fathers of Hindu fascism".

Anonymous said...

Could not agree more. Surprisingly enough, the Left and the Market forces are both driving us toward a nation of mlechchas ourselves. The left with its impeccable hold on our history textbooks and the market where the path of Mammon is the only truth.

We are truly getting hollowed from within, my hope is that over another generation or a century, common people might start to get a semblance of identity as a cultural unit.


roadtriplife said...

... but dude ... don't you think the mistake lies on the part of us (read Hindus) for our current state? since whenever, we allowed the country to be plundered by Muslims and Christians. Sadly, we did not fight HARD ENOUGH for them to get the message that they better not set foot on our soil again.

Since you are more well read than me, is China's situation the same, given that its also an ancient civilization like ours?

Whenever, its time for the 'Hindu Rashtra' to be claimed back from terrorists or secularists or whoever, it has to come from the will of us Hindus that we want a 'Hindu Rashtra' and we'll not give up till we have it back!

Psomax said...

Yes, it was our mistake. And it was to correct this mistake that the RSS was formed.

As for China, I know only as much as anybody else. The Chinese are more disciplined and focussed than we are. They also have a better sense of national identity - today it is Chinese nationalism, not Communism, that holds them together and inspires them. The only thing left for them to do is to explicitly embrace Confucianism-Taoism. But that will require dumping/sidelining/redefining Marxism-Maoism. So it will take some time. As for us, we have to be on our guard against them.