13 July 2007

To Sleep Or Not To Sleep

This has been commented on by several people already. But I'll go ahead and say my bit anyway. The subject is, of course, the Prime Minister's self-confessed loss of sleep after watching Mohammed Haneef's mother and sister crying on TV. I am sure he slept very well on these nights:

29 Oct, 2005Delhi59
7 Mar, 2006Varanasi28
11 Jul, 2006Bombay187
8 Sep, 2006Malegaon37
18 May, 2007Hyderabad13
These are the major terrorist attacks that have occurred since the UPA came to power. Over 300 victims in all. Each time we saw heart-breaking scenes of their mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, sisters, brothers, wives and husbands lamenting their loss. Their worlds destroyed in an instant, their dreams shattered beyond hope, the people they loved the most snatched away in senseless acts of violence. Where was your compassion then, Pradhan Mantriji? Apparently it is reserved only for families of terrorists, not for those of their victims. The victims were merely peaceful and law-abiding citizens of India. Whereas the terrorists are, well, terrorists.

And what perverse logic could have been behind this shocking statement? 'Secularism'? Sensitivity to 'Muslim' sentiments? If that is the reason, then it would be the ultimate insult to the 15 crore Muslims of India - for such a reasoning assumes that they are on the side of the terrorists, rather than on the side of the nation. Can anything be more offensive? After all, terror is blind to religion; both Hindus and Muslims have been victims of these attacks. Indeed, the Malegaon and Hyderabad attacks were specifically targeted at Muslims. If I were an Indian Muslim, I would be outraged by the PM's remark and what it implies.

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Anonymous said...

These guys are supposedly some of the most accomplished and intelligent guys that India has produced (except the lady, which the country can be happy it did not produce).

The fundamental issue seems to be that except for brief spells, our PMs have lacked basic Indian-ness.

However, given our gora approval seeking and workshipping tendencies, we ask for it every time!

- Kaddi