11 July 2007

RSS, Part 3

Hindutva and Minorities

First of all, the RSS does not believe in the concept of 'majority' and 'minority'. It believes that all Indians are one people. We are all the children of this motherland. The term is used here merely for convenience. The term 'non-Hindu' is also used merely for convenience. 'Indian' and 'Hindu' are actually synonyms.

India is a Hindu rashtra does not mean that Hindus should have special rights or that non-Hindus should be second class citizens. All Indians should be equal in the eyes of the law and have the same rights. In fact, the current situation is that non-Hindus have some rights that Hindus do not have.

Accepting that India is a Hindu country is in no way a threat to the identity of non-Hindus. Hinduism is an inclusive way of life, not a rigid religion. Non-Hindus are free to practice their religion and live their way of life. The only expectation from them is that they love their country and obey the laws of the land. This is the expectation from all Indians, Hindus as well as non-Hindus.


kculon said...

Readers would be better served if you could define "Hindu." Please enlighten.

Psomax said...

See psomax.blogspot.com/2007/07/hindu-indian.html

Anonymous said...

The URL that you provided seems to lead to a page that doesn't exist anymore.

Besides, I'll tell you what I think the problem is. The world understands Hinduism as a religion, just as much as there is Christianity & Islam. So, when RSS tries to push the Hindutva agenda, it sends out wrong signals to the world and the media in general. It takes a LOT of messaging to get people to understand that Hinduism is "inclusive" and people in India are free to pursue whatever religion they want.

So, if there is anything that RSS needs to do first, its probably an image-makeover. They've got to restate their mission in a manner that the world understands and endorses. Today, the RSS is a misunderstood entity. Need I say how important it is to get the media behind you?

Shiv said...

Probably you meant the link http://indiantake.blogspot.com/2007/07/hindu-indian.html

Psomax said...

To Anonymous:

1. Sorry abt the link – I changed my blog's URL. Shiv (above) is right.

2. You have a point. We need to be more media savvy.

I love comments. I'll love them even more when the writer mentions his/her name :-D