08 August 2018

Secret Of Happiness?


Happiness comes from work - not from money. Yes, we need money to live. So the equations are:
1. Work you like + Enough money to live = Happiness
2. Work you don't like + Lot of money = Misery
So what will your life be? Equation 1 or 2? The choice is yours. In the 20th century, option #1 was not available. But in the 21st century, it is definitely available. You just have to search for it.

Your passion should be your job - it shouldn't be your hobby. If you say "I do X from Monday to Friday because it pays me a bomb. But on weekends/holidays I do Y because I love it." then you are living in hell. If you love Y, then why on earth are you doing it only on weekends/holidays? You should be doing it Monday to Friday! You will say "Y doesn't pay any money". That was true in the 20th century - not today. It may not be immediately obvious - but with imagination and experimentation, you can definitely figure out how to make money (enough to live) out of your passion. Or you can continue living in your hell. The choice is yours.

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