07 March 2016

Great God Shiva

In the snowy peaks
Of the Himalayas
An Ascetic sits
On Mount Kailasa.

He sits cross-legged
Skin blue with poison
Wearing a tiger skin
Body smeared with ash.

Cobra around His neck
Long hair tied in a knot
Eyes closed in meditation
Third eye on His forehead.

Moon resting on His head
Ganga flowing from His hair
Trishul by His side
He watches over the worlds.

Destroyer of evil
Protector of good.

Peace, calm, stillness
When His eyes are closed.
Love, mercy, compassion
When His eyes are open.
Fury, rage, destruction
When His third eye opens.

O Great God!
Lord of the worlds!
Ruler of heaven, hell and earth
Master of gods, demons and humans.

Father, Teacher, Friend!
Bless us
Protect us
Give us wisdom
Give us strength.

May we remember You
May we pray to You
May we worship You
May we serve You
Great God Shiva!

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