24 January 2015

The Soldier

All the battles he fought
All the battles he lost
Do they mean something?
Do they mean anything?

He stands amidst the ruins
Ruins of his own making
Where does he go from here?
Is there anywhere?

Where did he go wrong?
At the beginning?
How did he go wrong?
By following You?

Why did You make him?
To fight a war?
Where is his army?
Where are his weapons?

You sent him here
Alone and unarmed
To fight a battle
A wolf among sheep.

A soldier he is
In the battlefield
Lost and lonely
Afraid and defeated.

Each day comes
As a dark cloud
And goes away
Followed by another.

Where is the light?
Where is the path?
Where is the answer?
Where is the joy?

How much longer?
How much more?
Till he gives way
And falls to the ground.

He has nothing left
Only pain and fear
Show him the way
Or end his fate.

What wrong did he do?
All he did was
Walk on Your path
The path of right.

Are You testing him?
Is this a test?
If yes, he is close
To failing it.

He is falling apart
Piece by piece
Just a matter of time
Till nothing is left.

He lies in the battlefield
Bruised and battered
Wounded and tired
Waiting for a sign.

Show him something
Show him a way
Or take him
And be done with it.

He will fight
To the bitter end
Till jackals and vultures
Feast on his bones.

He will go down
With a sword in his hand
A smile on his face
And a song on his lips.

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