08 May 2014

India, My India

India, my India
You are my passion, you are my obsession
You are my dream, you are my nightmare
You are my hope, you are my fear
You are my blessing, you are my curse
You are my mission, you are my destiny
You are my mother, you are my goddess
You are the best thing to happen to me
You are the worst thing to happen to me.

I live for you
I work for you
I die for you.

Every breath of my body belongs to you
Every ounce of my strength belongs to you
Every moment of my life belongs to you
My body, my mind, my soul
Everything I have belongs to you.

24 hours are not enough
365 days are not enough
One life is not enough
To serve you.

Two arms are not enough
Two legs are not enough
One head is not enough
One body is not enough
To fight for you.

If I can bring but one smile on your face
I will consider my life fulfilled.
To see you sitting on your throne
Wearing your crown, ruling the world
Would be the greatest joy of my life.
I would give everything, I would do anything.

No cost is too much to bear
No price is too high to pay
No burden is too heavy to carry
No sacrifice is too big to make.

I will walk on thorns for you
I will stand in fire for you
I will burn in hell for you.

Hunger, thirst, heat, cold
Fear, pain, suffering
I will bear anything for you.

What care do I for wealth?
What care do I for luxury?
What care do I for comforts?
What care do I for happiness?

All I care about is you
All I think about is you
All I want is you.

To be born in your womb
To live in your lap
Is the greatest gift of all.
To pour my life at your feet
Is the greatest privilege of all.

My intelligence, my knowledge
My ability, my energy
And my insanity
Are given to me
So I can serve you.

Darkness, loneliness
Fear, frustration
Doubt, depression
And meaninglessness;
One glimpse of your beautiful face
Is enough to drive all demons away
And bring back the shining light.

You are the sun in the day
You are the moon in the night
You are the stars in the sky
You are the lighthouse in the stormy sea
You are my guide
As long as I have you
I cannot stray.

You are my aim, you are my way
You are my ends, you are my means
You are my goal, you are my path
You are my purpose, you are my meaning.

You are the air I breathe
You are the water I drink
You are the earth I stand on.

Every pore of my skin is filled with you
Every cell of my body is filled with you
Every thought of my mind is filled with you
My whole being is filled with you.

You are my father, you are my mother
You are my brother, you are my sister
You are my friend, you are my lover.

What deeds did I do to deserve this boon?
What good did I do to deserve this grace?
What merit did I earn? In which life?
To bathe in the sweet waters of your love
Sinner that I am.

God, give me strength
Turn my body into iron
Turn my mind into metal
Turn my nerves into steel
Turn my heart into stone.

Let me not flinch
Let me not hesitate
Let me not look back.
There is only way to go
That way is forward.

I love you, I hate you
I laugh for you, I cry for you
I wake for you, I sleep for you
I sing for you, I dance for you
I sweat for you, I bleed for you
Everything I do, I do for you.

If I have you I have everything
Without you life is not worth living
India, my India.


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