05 February 2013

India's Politics = Money + Muscle + Caste

Indian politics is nothing but the politics of money, muscle and caste. How did this come about?

* 30% of India lives in poverty.

* 25% of India is illiterate.

* 70% of India lives in villages.

* 50% of India works in agriculture.

* India had 1000 years of feudalism (under the Turks, Mughals and British).

Having a democracy based on universal adult franchise in such a society automatically leads to the politics of money, muscle and caste. Money, muscle and caste politics is nothing but the logical consequence of opting for adult franchise in 1947.

Liberals staunchly defend universal franchise, and staunchly criticise money, muscle and caste politics. But the latter is a direct result of the former.

See India's Democracy = Corruption + Violence + Casteism


Divyanand said...

> automatically leads
Could you provide more details on how the result is automatic?

Sandy Shaw said...

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