01 September 2012

The Most Important People in Society

The most important people in society are:
1. Farmers
2. Teachers
3. Soldiers
But they are given the least importance.

The most useless people in society are:
1. Movie stars
2. Cricket players
3. Politicians
But they are given the most importance.


GS said...

well dont think we can group politicians in the useless category.. though we do see them as such.. policy decisions lie with the political class in democracy..power cant be wished away!

Divyanand said...

Take 1:
*Important* people seem to have a lot less money than *useless* people.

Take 2:
People listed as important might have been important during the growth of civilization (say for last 4000 years).
Now being the midst of civilization, important people may not be so important.

Indian said...

I meant most of them don't do their jobs.

1. Importance has nothing to do with money.
2. Try to imagine a society without these 3 groups. It is impossible.