06 February 2011

Karl Marx: The Industrial Revolution and "The Capital"

Ref: Sociology, Modern Society and Social Thinkers

Karl Marx (1818–1885) was a German social thinker.

A R J Turgot, an 18th century French economist, had seen history as a series of economic stages (hunting-gathering, pastoral and agricultural). Marx extended this theory – he added one more stage to it: the industrial (ie, modern) stage.He realised that mankind had entered a new Age in its history: the Industrial Age (Modern Age).He also said that when technology (production system) changes, everything also changes: the economy, politics, culture, and indeed society itself. Thus the Industrial Revolution, which was a change in production system from agriculture to industry, was leading to fundamental economic, political, cultural and social changes as well. He tried to analyse the new industrial/modern economy and society in "The Capital" (1867).

1. Marx: The Modern/Industrial Age and Modernity
2. Technology, Economy, Politics, Culture - 2

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