13 December 2010

The Techno-Economic Foundation of Society

Reference: "Technology, Economy, Politics, Culture"

1. Human society has, broadly speaking, five main aspects:
a) Society itself (the social system)
b) Technology
c) Economy
d) Politics
e) Culture

2. The nature of the society is determined by the technology and the economy.

3. Politics and culture are determined by the society, the economy and the technology.

This can be illustrated as:

4. Politics and culture form the top layer.

5. Society forms the middle layer (or the core).

6. Technology and economy form the bottom layer.

In other words,

7. Technology and economy determine the nature of the society.

8. Technology, economy and society determine politics and culture.

That is,

9. Technology and economy form the foundation of society.

10. Or, we can say that society has a techno-economic foundation.

See Karl Marx's base-superstructure theory.

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