14 November 2010

The Importance of Studying History

Q: What is history?
A: History is the study of man's past.

Right? Wrong!

History is NOT the study of the past.
History is the study of the present.
It is the study of how the present has evolved from the past.

The past is not the end of history. It is only the means.
The end of history is the present.
By knowing the past, we can understand the present.

History is also the study of the future. If we know how the present has evolved from the past, we can also know how the future will evolve from the present.

That is why we must study history.
Not to know the past.
But to understand the present.
And to anticipate the future.

That is the importance of studying history.

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Anonymous said...

Hi..I've stumbled upon this post and its really inspirational..i've been made fun of because of my love for history and this is really touching..thank you :)