16 August 2010

India's Economy and Development: Agriculture, Industry, Services

Imagine a pyramid:

How would you build this pyramid? Like this:

Or like this:

The second method may look nonsensical. But that is exactly what we Indians are doing, with our economy and development. The pyramid is a country's economy:

The bottom layer is Agriculture, the middle layer is Industry, and the top layer is Services.

The first method shows how today's developed countries (Europe, America, Japan) have grown. First they developed their agriculture, then their industry, finally their services.

The second method shows how India is developing – in an upside-down fashion. First we developed our services. Now we are developing our industry. We have yet to start developing our agriculture (so the last step is more hope than reality). This is exactly the reverse/opposite of the first method.

Gunnar Myrdal – the winner of the 1974 Nobel Prize for Economics – said:
"It is the agricultural sector that the long-term battle for economic development will be won or lost."


Deena said...

Every child, woman and man deserves to get the basic nutrition their body requires. It’s us who can make sure they are not deprived.

Globally more than 173 Million people stood up against poverty in 2009, a Guinness World Record!

Let us break this record in 2010!

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preeti said...

Thanx for sharing this nice post. India govt. should take some important steps in the regards of Agriculture. As we all know that Indian 70% of population lives in villages and mostly depends on Agriculture.

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