03 May 2009

Reforms, Freedom, Globalisation

In the previous post we saw Vajpayee's right-wing agenda for governance. Though the agenda is quite detailed, full of plans and prescriptions, it is not just an arbitrary collection of proposals. There is a certain coherence, consistency and integrity in it. The agenda is based on a broader vision. If we look closely, this vision consists of some key ideas. These key ideas/concepts are:

1. Reforms
2. Freedom
3. Responsibility
4. Participation
5. Globalisation

To put it in the form of an equation,
Reforms and Freedom (from the government)
Responsibility and Participation (from the people)
Success in the era of Globalisation

Contrast this with Nehru's socialism, where:
Licence-permit-quota raj (from the government) + Mai-baap sarkar mentality (from the people) = Failure.

An interesting parallel: Yuval Levin had proposed a reform manifesto for John McCain in the 2008 US presidential elections.

1 comment:

jai said...

I don't know when our country will be spared from the clutches of a$$hole clowns like Sonia Gandhi, Mayavati, Lallu, Deve Gowda, Congress, JDS, TN parties like ADMK, DMK, etc etc

I am disillusioned. I am going crazy. We need a movement.

We need Modi - he is the only solution I think.

Jai Hind - unveil the true power of India.