30 April 2009

The Hindutva Debate (contd)

In this month's poll, 9 readers/visitors have selected the option "I am first an Indian, then a Hindu".

Here is a question for these 9 people: What is there in you that is "Indian", but not Hindu?

You can comment on this post, or you can send your answer to me by e-mail.

Btw, nobody responded the last time I called for a debate on Hindutva.

1 comment:

CodeNameV said...

Dheeraj, its a big fancy thing to say this. I tell you what, most of my friends who argued about being Indian first and Hindu later are not in India now. They left for other countries in pursuit of study (so they say, but i think its more about money). Most of them are now into good jobs in various countries. They are so much indian that till a few months ago they didnt even think of coming back. Now they are all coming back to india so they can cut cost of living during recession. These people are too much Indian to live in India. If this is what is being Indian, then I dont know what is being Human!!