07 February 2009

RSS Pracharak

Job description of an RSS pracharak ~

1. Start new shakhas
2. Improve existing shakhas
3. Bring new people to shakhas
4. Spread RSS's ideology (nationalism)

Salary: Rs Zero

1. Food, clothing, shelter
2. Basic expenses (soap, paste, etc)
3. Travel expenses (bus, train, etc)

Location: Anywhere in India

Duration: As long as you wish

Marital status: Single

(There are currently 2000 RSS pracharaks all over the country)

Pracharak = full-time worker with more than one year's experience
Vistarak = full-time worker with less than one year's experience


Anonymous said...

I have the greatest respect and awe of Pracharaks. The reason I am spending so much time on your blog is that you are a Vistarak (to be Pracharak).

Abhay Rajpurohit said...

A pracharak of rss is example of great sacrifice and discipline. He not only ready to die for nation but lives for nation.He uses his every breath for welfare of motherland.

Anonymous said...

How to be a vistarak or pracharak?i am from Kerala and got very much influenced by rss..now,pls guide me to be a good activist.i am good at public speaking and i am an engineering graduate .

Indian said...

Please start attending a shakha/milan near your house.

Anonymous said...

Literally the term (vistarak) means the one who expands.
So far I know a vistarak is one who does rss work (starting new shakha, expanding rss ideology) and lives away from his home in sangh karyalya. Since, you are not familiar with rss my suggestion to you is first join the rss online throughI its website. Thereafter, you will receive a phone call by a rss volunteer. Then attend daily shakhas.

Anonymous said...

What about celibacy and RSS pracharaks? Does it mean that he has to be celibate from the time he becomes a pracharak?
Please understand if I am unable to mention my name.

Indian said...


Anonymous said...

And what if he has had relationships with women in the past?
Thanks again :)

Indian said...

Past is past.