17 January 2009

The New Indian Order

By Tarun Vijay:

"The creators of a new Indian order will certainly do it better. Have power, will win. That's the key to success. India is struggling hard, is bleeding and yet showing winner's traits. This inner strength is essentially the civilisational gift, which runs into our veins. Call it Hindu or anything else. It is the defining life force of all of us. Eliminating terrorism ruthlessly, recapturing land lost to the enemy neighbours, rejuvenating the economy and infusing new blood into our educational and agricultural sectors are the new markers of our unstoppable journey to power-peak.

"I see clearly a rise of the intense Hindu values once the present young generation takes over. To me, the Hindu Right remains the last hope and an instrument to revive the glory and the wonder of India. And we know, the best and the brightest still are found in the various folds and facets of this segment, if we can train our eyes to look beyond the political organisational framework.

"If those who qualify from IITs and IIMs leave their lucrative options abroad to join RSS work in Meghalaya or Port Blair, then we still have hopes for India's rejuvenation. If the youngest force on this earth finds a suitable job to work for scheduled castes and tribes as RSS pracharaks, then no power on this earth can stop the ongoing march of the people who believe in the good of all sans borders of faith, caste or creed.

"The most delighting factor of a new Indian order is the young faces in the camps of Swami Ramdev, in the discourses of Sri Sri, in the congregations of Mohan Bhagwat (the youngest CEO of the largest Hindu organisation on this planet), or glued to the deep knowledge banks of K S Sudarshan (chief of the Hindus' greatest consolidation).

"Temple or no temple, gods or no gods, the only factor that must matter is the survival of a Hindu India – unabashedly, unapologetically assertive and Himalayan in its heights. It means everyone. It means all faiths and colours."


ekawaaz said...

Its good post no doubt about it, but for me humanity is beggger than my own relgion Hindu. Of course I had learned loads of best thing through religion but main thing I had learned from its spread love and humanity so for me this is best way to keep moving forward.

Indian said...

Noble thoughts. FYI, Hinduism is the only religion that talks about the welfare of the whole of humanity. Loka samasta sukhino bhavantu, Sarve bhavantu sukhinah, Vasudaiva kutumbakam, etc.

ekawaaz said...

Thanks for reply. Well seems like you have gread deal of knowledge about sholka's and mantra. Good keep it up...You asked me abutmy name well...I am known as Ekawaaz on web so that why people call me Ekawaaz. anyway if you really wish to know my name then its Anurag...may i know your name too?