10 July 2008


This is my last post. A change of job (and lifestyle) means I won't be blogging anymore.

A big "Thank you!" to all those who were reading Indian Take, especially those who left comments :-) I really enjoyed writing. In future I hope to write in my own language – Kannada.

Please recommend this blog to all your friends. Do continue to post your comments, questions and criticisms on the blog. I don't know if I can respond to them, but I'll try.

You can check out my home page (Dheeraj) to see what I am up to.


Savitha said...

hey Dheera! what can i say..we wish you every bit of luck on this path that u have chosen to follow...am sure u have thought through everything and yes,keep in touch...

Best-est wishes,

roadtriplife said...

wow ... amazing decision kano ... am sure its a big step for u ... but given how passionate about your effort, i am sure u'll succeed ... point us 2 ur new blog ...

where will u b living next?

will watch the cover page of newspapers 2 c ur pic some day as a gr8 man ... making a difference in india!

good luck bro!


Sudhir said...

Dheer putty, all the best. We will certainly miss your blogs.

Indian said...

Thank you for your wishes! :-)