09 May 2008

The Year Is 5110

Q: Which year is it now?
A: 2008
Q: How is it year 2008?
A: Because it's been 2008 years since Jesus Christ was born

The calendar we are using is the Christian calendar. It is a relative system, not an absolute one. When the European countries colonised most of the world during 1400-1900, they spread their customs in the lands they ruled. Thus the Christian calendar (along with many other things) became the default for the whole world.

For practical purposes we may continue to use this calendar, or at least be aware of it. But we must also be aware of our own calendar(s). The two Hindu calendars most commonly cited are Vikrama and Shalivahana. The Vikrama calendar is followed mainly in north India. Its zero year corresponds to 58 BC; so according to it the current year is 2066. The Shalivahana calendar is followed mainly in south India. Its zero year corresponds to 78 AD; so according to it the current year is 1930.

All this is very confusing. So instead of these two regional calendars, we can remember one national calendar. According to Hindu tradition, the Kali Yuga began in 3102 BC (when Krishna died). So the current year is Kaliyugabda 5110. As per this, we are in the 52nd century (not the 21st). It also fits in neatly with the notion of India being a 5000-year-old civilisation :-)


Dev Kumar said...

"Krishna died" did you say?????????
Are you sure mate????

As for India being a 5000 year old civilization, I want you to know that latest historical research testifies that human civilization in fact started in India. The date forwarded, ranges around 8000 BC. With more research, this date is expected to go further back in time. So for heaven's sake don't make it appear as if you're making a guesstimate. You don't have to. Your civilization is much older than you think and any fool that tries to dispute it must be told to refer to the latest historical research based on scientific evidence among others.

Indian said...

Yes, the death of Krishna marked the end of Dwapara Yuga and the beginning of Kali Yuga.

When I say 5000-year-old civilisation, I have considered only history (Kali Yuga), not pre-history (before Kali Yuga).

As you say, the precise dating of Indian history is a work in progress :-)