20 March 2008

Pune Restaurants

One of my friends quit his job and started a website called Tasty Khana on Pune restaurants. It's a one-stop shop for eating out. With it you can:
· Search for restaurants
· Order food online
· Book tables online
· Review restaurants
· Check out offers and
· Get discounts

Currently the site covers only Pune. Eventually it will cover other cities too.

So if you live in Pune, please
1. Visit the site
2. Register as a user
3. USE the bloody website! ;-)
4. Recommend it to all your friends
5. Ask them to recommend it to all their friends
6. Send your feedback to info AT tastykhana DOT com

And if you don't live in Pune, please recommend the site to all your friends who do live in this God-forsaken city ;-)


coolshach said...

Cannot ask for anything better than this! :)

Thanks Dheeraj!

Savitha said...

looks pretty cool..hope it works for them!

Indian said...

My pleasure, Shachin :-)