14 January 2008

The Rs 1 Lakh Car

It's here at last! I had thought it was impossible even in 2003 - when Ratan Tata first announced it. And costs would surely increase by the time the product actually came out. So I expected the Rs 1 lakh car to become a Rs 2 lakh car (at least). But wonders of wonders, they did it! Here's the fineprint:

Given the steep rise in the cost of steel, rubber and other inputs in the past few years, it's possible that the entry level Nano might not break even, though Tata made a point of saying the "one lakh" price tag in India will stay because "a promise is a promise". The car, the company says, will make money across its various models.

Many people have criticised the car, saying it will worsen the pollution and congestion in our cities. The Tatas' defence is that the Nano adheres to strict emission norms (Euro 4), and it is the governments' responsibility to provide good public transport systems in every city.

Keep the cynicism aside for now. All said and done, it is quite an achievement. Something Indians should be proud of.

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