27 June 2007

Who's Afraid Of Scientology?

This is ridiculous. Germany has banned the filming of Valkyrie because Tom Cruise is a Scientologist. Apparently Germany does not recognise Scientology as a religion. Who gave governments the right to certify what is a religion and what is not? It says Scientology is just a cult out to make money. That charge can be made against every religion. And banning the film shoot because of the actor's religion? Imagine the uproar that would have erupted if Steven Spielberg had been denied permission to shoot Munich because of his religion.

Whatever happened to religious freedom? I can't believe this is happening in a "liberal Western democracy". But then we are told Germany-Scientology affair is a special case. After its Nazi experience, Germans are supposed to be extra-sensitive about "extremist" cults, which they consider Scientology to be. Some 70% of Germans are hostile to Scientology.

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