29 November 2006

What Took Them So Long?

Finally the US media are calling a spade a spade. NBC, New York Times and some other news organisations have decided to call the situation in Iraq what it is - a fucking civil war! Of course the White House has objected. What does it matter what we call it? 3000 Iraqis are dying every month.

This reminds me of the cyclone that hit Orissa in 1999. Over 10,000 people died, and our MPs were busy debating whether the situation should be declared a "national calamity" or not!


Anonymous said...

Please remove the word f***ing from this post. You are a Sangh Pracharak - behave like one.

- A shishu gana shikshak from Sangh

Indian said...

FYI, when I wrote this post I was not even a swayamsevak.