14 September 2006

Death of a Banker

I begin my blog on a sombre note. Andrei Kozlov, Deputy Chairman of the Russian Central Bank, was shot dead today.
He was at the forefront in reforming Russia's banking system, and paid the price for it.

Why should this be of any concern to me, an Indian? I don't know. Words are superfluous (and self-indulgent)...

Maybe this is the form this blog will take. I'll just be putting up news stories and articles that catch my attention. Not much 'commentary' from my side. It won't be necessary. If you connect the dots, you'll see the big picture.

(Btw, I hadn't heard of Kozlov before today)

Just found out that Kozlov had featured in a
Business Week cover story ('The New Stars of Finance') in 1997.

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